Author Name Change Policy

Author Name Change Policy

The journal follows the publisher's policy on Author Name Change as outlined below.

1. Purpose and Scope

This policy outlines the procedure and criteria for handling requests for author name changes in publications of the Journal. The policy is designed to ensure transparency, accuracy, and integrity in the authorship attribution process.

2. Policy Statement

2.1 Author Name Change Eligibility

Author name changes will be considered in cases where a genuine and justifiable reason exists, such as legal name change, cultural or personal reasons, or rectification of an inadvertent error.

2.2 Submission of Request

Authors seeking a name change must submit a formal request to the Editorial Office of the Journal, providing the following:

2.3 Review and Approval Process

The Editor-in-Chief, in consultation with the Editorial Board, will review the request. The decision will be based on the authenticity of the request and its potential impact on the publication record.

2.4 Implementation of Name Change

Upon approval, the author's name will be updated in the publication(s) and associated metadata. A correction notice will be issued to alert readers to the name change.

2.5 Attribution of Previous Work

The author's previous work will be cross-referenced to ensure continuity in their academic record. A note will be added to the publication(s) indicating the name change.

3. Responsibilities

3.1 Authors

Authors are responsible for providing accurate and verifiable information to support their name change request.

3.2 Editorial Office

The Editorial Office is responsible for processing and documenting name change requests and ensuring the correct implementation of the change.

3.3 Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board

The Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board are responsible for reviewing and approving name change requests, considering their impact on the publication record.

4. Record Keeping

All documentation related to author name changes, including requests, supporting documents, and decision records, will be securely maintained by the Editorial Office.

5. Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and adherence to STM publishing standards.

 * The author needs to pay the charges involved in republishing the article (or corrections) after the name change.