Aims and Scope

The European Journal of Medical Case Reports (EJMCR) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to the publication of high-quality case reports in the field of medicine. Our mission is to provide a platform for healthcare professionals, researchers, and clinicians to share and disseminate knowledge derived from unique and noteworthy clinical cases.

Key Objectives:

Dissemination of Clinical Insights: EJMCR aims to showcase a wide spectrum of clinical cases that present distinctive diagnostic, therapeutic, or management challenges. By sharing these experiences, we contribute to the collective knowledge base of the medical community.

Educational Resource: We seek to serve as a valuable educational resource for medical students, residents, and practitioners. Through detailed case presentations, readers can gain valuable insights into rare or complex medical conditions, enhancing their clinical acumen.

Promotion of Evidence-Based Practice: EJMCR is committed to promoting evidence-based medicine. We encourage authors to provide comprehensive documentation, including clinical history, examination findings, investigations, and outcomes, enabling critical evaluation and evidence-based decision-making.

Advancement of Medical Science: By highlighting unique clinical scenarios, EJMCR supports the advancement of medical science. These case reports may lead to further research, innovation, and the development of new treatment modalities.

Global Collaboration: We welcome submissions from healthcare professionals worldwide. EJMCR fosters international collaboration by providing a platform for the exchange of clinical experiences and perspectives across different healthcare systems and specialties.

EJMCR considers case reports across all medical disciplines, encompassing but not limited to:

Internal Medicine
Surgery and Surgical Specialties
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Infectious Diseases
and all others specialties, including dentistry .........

We encourage submissions that offer unique clinical insights, highlight diagnostic challenges, showcase innovative treatment approaches, or present rare conditions of educational value.

Currently, we are prioritizing case series, reviews and research related to case reports. Videos related to surgery or any new technique are also welcome.