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European Journal of Medical Case Reports

The European Journal of Medical Case Reports is a peer-reviewed medical journal that focuses on publishing case reports in various medical disciplines. Case reports provide detailed accounts of rare or unusual medical cases, which can contribute valuable insights to the medical community. The European Journal of Medical Case Reports serves as a platform for sharing such clinical experiences and knowledge. 

There are no publication charges (No Article Processing Charges).

Currently, we are prioritizing case series and research related to case reports. Videos related to surgery or any new technique are also welcome. 

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Prof M B Imran

Director, Punjab Institute of Nuclear Medicine (PINUM) Cancer Hospital, Visiting Professor and a faculty member of PIEAS University and the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan

Dr. M B Imran, (MBBS, MSc, MS, FRCP, PhD) is an active scientist and practicing physician in nuclear medicine. He is a recipient of Asia Oceania Distinguished Young Investigator's Award from the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Medical Case Reports, devoted to publishing case reports from all medical disciplines.

Message from the Editor

"It gives me great pleasure to be communicating with you all. Indeed, as Editor designate, I feel honored to shoulder this important responsibility. I hope with the cooperation of this dynamic group of young researchers the publication of a new online journal will be equally beneficial for practicing physicians and medical researchers. Rome was not built in a day, as they say, so it is planned and hoped that gradual and steady progress will be observed in coming months."

Prof M B Imran

Dr. Jhon F. Martinez-Paredes

Former Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mayo Clinic Florida. General Surgery resident, Doctor's Hospital at Renaissance, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), Department of Surgery, Edinburg, Texas, USA.

Dr. Jhon Martinez-Paredes is an active scientist and practicing physician with solid research experience. He is a former Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Department at the Mayo Clinic in Florida and is currently a PGY-1 General Surgery Resident at the University of Texas RGV. He has received numerous awards, including the Crawford Research Fellowship at Mayo Clinic Florida for two consecutive years (2019 and 2020), and the Eloy Valenzuela Research Award in Colombia. He has also participated actively in multiple national and international meetings within the US. His primary interest is to enhance medical education with a research-based approach to improve the quality of life of all patients in the daily practice of medicine.

Dr. Jhon F. Martinez-Paredes

Dr Misha Anam

Tipperary University Hospital, Clonmel, Ireland

Dr. Misha Anam, currently serving as a Senior House Officer in Ireland, brings an impressive blend of medical prowess and dedication to her field, particularly within pediatrics and general practice. With a robust portfolio of over 20 research publications, her contributions to medical literature are both significant and influential. Dr. Anam's clinical journey spans more than half a decade, during which her depth of experience and continual pursuit of excellence have been unmistakably evident.

Notably, Dr. Anam has played a pivotal role in neonatal nutrition, stepping beyond conventional responsibilities to develop national guidelines for the use of donor breast milk in neonatal units. This groundbreaking work was specifically implemented at the Coombe Maternity Hospital in Dublin, showcasing her commitment to enhancing healthcare standards. Her initiatives have not only optimized patient outcomes but also underscored her position as a trailblazer in neonatal care.