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Complicated acute appendicitis in a patient with Type 2 Diabetes: a case report

Muhammad Shoaib Zaidi.

Background: Acute appendicitis usually presents atypically in extremes of ages and can be associated with complications like perforation especially in the elderly and immunocompromised people.
Case Presentation: We describe the case of an elderly lady with Type 2 diabetes, on long-term steroids for Sheehan’s syndrome. She was found to have complicated acute appendicitis, that was ultimately treated with appendicectomy.
Conclusion: Appendicitis can manifest atypically and can be complicated in the elderly and immunocompromised individuals like patients with diabetes. It should always be kept in the differentials of right iliac fossa pain.

Key words: Diabetes, CAA (Complicated Acute Appendicitis), old age, case report


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